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Have you ever wondered how the dough process works? How about once the dough is formed, how it turns into a beautiful, crispy, doughy and seedy bagel?

Well, you don’t have to wonder anymore.

Since April 2020, we’ve been able to dive in deep into the world of Dough. Bagel Dough, specifically. And now we want to share what we’ve learned with you!

We’re thrilled to offer you our Kismet Bagel Making Classes!

Hosted by Us (Jacob and Alexandra), we are offering open classes to the public that will be hosted at Kismet Bagels HQ in Kensington. A three hour class that by the end will have you leaving with your very own Kismet Bagels and Bialys that you made yourself! (***Private Classes Available via Email Request)

You will learn how to mix, shape, boil, season, and bake Bagels and Bialys! You’ll get your hands dirty, your face floured, and your mind to think like a baker!

We’re so excited to bake with you. See you soon!


$125/person Includes:
10am-1pm Class at Kismet HQ
3525 I Street
Philadelphia, PA 19134

Learning firsthand how to bake with Jacob and Alexandra

12 Kismet Bagels

6 Kismet Bialys

Choose your own Kismet Schmear to take home

A Kismet Bagels Tote

Jar of Seasoning


If you’re interested in hosting a private class for a special event, please reach out to Minimum of 20 people for a private class!