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The Dude Tee – $25




Pricing includes local pick up in Philadelphia. Interested in shipping? Contact us.

Rock the Dude t-shirt in honor of our beloved Dude.

100% of the proceeds of these shirts will go to the Dude’s Deeds fund at PennVet to help families pay for their dogs’ cancer bills.

Dude was just 15 months old when he passed away from Lymphoma. It was truly the most devastating thing we’ve dealt with. And we unfortunately connected with so many others who had similar situations. When we received his cancer diagnosis we did absolutely everything in our power to help heal him, without thinking of costs. We just wanted to help our boy.

Unfortunately that is not the case for many families. They are stuck with the choice to either have their dog suffer or euthanize them due to financial resources.

We want to help families with that decision and help their pet without thinking about the costs.

Your purchase of this t-shirt will help families in Philadelphia get some of the best canine cancer care around from PennVet.

We greatly appreciate your purchase and if you want to learn more please check out DudesDeeds on Instagram.



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